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FW 2017/18

Inspired and focused on the arts and crafts, the collection refers to three main contemporary artists symbolizing the designer’s creativity from the past, through present and future.
Starting from the geometrical structures in Anselm Reyle paintings - that recall the past of the brand -
color-block patterns are used as aesthetic roots, linear shapes are mixed with chaotic and schematic atmospheres in blue, tobacco and cream shades. Luca Larenza muses: “Even when I design for the cold season – when colours are dull and dark – I usually prefer colourful provocations”.
Cardigans and sweaters in blossom pink and pastel yellow play juxtaposition with melancholic hues.
Damian Hirst installations give the inspiration for the present vision of the brand: freezing and
evocative atmospheres created by the British artist are associated with the finest wool knitwear in
dark blue. The total look with wool pants and alpaca overcoats sets an high tone.
Finally, the future is dictated by the work of Frank Stella: its delirious rhythm is rendered in colourful
inlays on turtlenecks using burgundy red, buccaneer brown and blue navy hues; wool waistcoats and light shearling bombers steal the scene. “For this collection I developed the knitwear through materials with different textures, that can be fitted in several climate conditions. I always strive to use high quality yarns and fabrics to create the perfect wardrobe, that looks good but also feels good”.

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