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SS 2021

The amazement of an English tourist who starts his Italian holiday, through unspoiled nature, discovering enchanted and unexplored places, leaving behind the tight rhythms of the city, finding his own time. It is precisely by imagining this feeling of lightness that Luca Larenza starts building his SS 2021.

Presented in the enchanting setting of Villa Elisa, where the designer gathers all his inspiration and energy, the collection has been launched live on Instagram, featuring the face of the top model Richard Biedul, the man that perfectly embodies the most characteristic style of the made in Italy brand.

The irreverent look of the English street is mixed with the most sophisticated Italian tailoring style. The trench coat, symbol of the made in UK style, is designed with soft and slipped cuts, and combined with knitted polo shirts characterized by delicate nuances alongside wide-cut and high-waisted trousers.

The experimentation on knitwear is the distinctive feature of the designer's work, who for this collection decides to build delicate weaves in silk and linen used for the construction of refined polo shirts with contrasting details, or even soft-cut gilets, round necks and short-sleeved shirts

created by irregular mesh stitches or in the stripes so dear to the designer.

For the first time in the collection typical elements of leisurewear appear, with shirts and trousers with a soft cut on which run small all-over geometric decorations. To complete the line, two 150'S virgin wool suits with an impalpable weight. The jackets are unlined and unstructured designed to be worn with rolled-up sleeves, for garments created with all the dogmas of the highest tailoring technique. In the single-breasted version in light blue, the style is decorated with a delicate external piping characteristic of sleepwear, while the deep green double-breasted jacket finds light thanks to the use of small golden buttons.

The colors of the collection are pastel shades, but imagined burned by the warm sun of an Italian Summer: pumpkin, scorched earth; light blue, aqua green, tobacco, but with more dusty and dull shades, born to be light and impalpable.

The collection revolves around soft and welcoming shapes, develops a concept of cocooning within which to find one's own spaces, at the slow rhythms typical of an Italian summer, where to leave room for the pleasure of the passage of time.

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