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SS 2020

For the Spring Summer 2020 Luca Larenza tells about the Mediterranean Taste, today far from the biography of a southern Italy built on cultural stereotypes. The basin has expanded, transforming itself from a
geographical area to a suggestion. "I thought of the collection as set in a non-place."  It could have been generated in the meanders of a jungle,
as in the coasts of southern Spain” confesses Larenza, dissociating the location of his inspirations. "I played with various essentials of men's clothing, going from monochrome to stripes; from stiff fitting to softer
ones" The Neo-Mediterranean aesthetic therefore becomes a state of mind; a suggestion that materializes with clinical minimalism or with a fake casual extravagance in the assembly of the wardrobe.

"The idea was to imagine yourself on vacation on an island mixing styles, combining city and frugal life. In fact, the double-breasted jacket in pastel pink is worn on the shirt imprinted with exotic suggestions in
printed poplin, combined with the leisure trousers” confirms Larenza.
There are many variations of blue and shades ranging from emerald green to lime yellow, with accents of red or pastel pink, rendered above
all on natural fabrics such as linen and cottons.

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