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SS 2022
LUCA LARENZA SS2218220.jpg

The return to normality, but also the return from a journey, of which he brings with him the memory and experience. This is how the line is enriched with sections from distant countries. A journey through the colors and lights of what for us is called the East, celebrating a continent full of contrasts, from the extreme splendor of the Arab Emirates, to the profound spirituality of India and its boundless natural landscapes alternating with crowded cities where you can get lost among the markets full of colorful spices.

The fluid cuts characteristic of the designer's creations are therefore enriched with Middle Eastern influences, the classic tailored suits become oversized and embrace the silhouette with enveloping and fluid cocoon effects. The stripes, a distinctive element of the brand, are tinged with the colors of terracotta, gauze, the sand of the hottest desert, turmeric.

Knitwear, in cotton, linen and silk, can be worn next to the skin, thanks to cardigans and oversized vests with a wide weave, which are colored in ivory and sage green. Simple fabrics, which celebrate and tell the colors of nature, contrasted by brocades characteristic of the most elaborate Maharajah dresses, with strong but always in perfect balance.

Simple fabrics celebrate not only the colors of nature but also visions of cherished earthenware, sun-kissed desert-scapes, and vivid spice markets.

One of the fabrics with which the collection was produced is part of a series of Dead Stocks purchased during the last trip to India and then made by his workshop in Campania.

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