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FW 2022/23
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The relationship between body and space is at the center of Luca Larenza's F / W 22.

The designer reflects and concretizes his personal point of view on the bond, but above all on the role of mediator, which the dress has in relation to the two terms with which he has to confront.

If body and space are essential and one determines the other, Larenza decides to open the collection by creating a hybrid between suit and jumpsuit, made of Baby Alpaca and wool, thinking of a point of coexistence between the two aesthetic fields.

The Merino knitwear has a comfortable fit and is made with the checkered stitch, in emerald and blue, as is the turtleneck with a zebra pattern in Alpaca blend.

The basics in Merino are enriched with lozenges and rhombus patterns that delimit the edges, thus lending themselves best to both more casual and institutional scenarios. Sporty and formal therefore intersect in the attitudinal line of body-positivity. "In fact, Tschabala Self was a fundamental inspiration, especially from the point of view of inclusiveness on the subject of the human body. But his works have also contaminated the collection by adding certain colors ", declares the fashion designer. In fact, Larenza, by the American artist, known for her desire to free African-American women from physical stereotypes, absorbs even the most vibrant colors. Emerald green, light blue and coral are embraced by grays and velvets in dark brown. Even the coats with hidden buttons are deliberately oversized, as a concrete manifesto of the positivist seasonal attitude, rendered in wool and cashmere, with a revisited Prince of Wales pattern. Urban note are the checkered bomber jackets, in petroleum and white, made of a Mohair blend. The look is completed by caps and scarves with alternating patterns, chromatic triumph of every season.

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