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FW 2018/19

For the first time ever Luca Larenza does not dedicate the entire collection solely to menswear. The designer chooses to bring his luxury knitwear collection also to women, revisiting some iconic items of his past collections, and transforming them in versatile pieces with a unisex feeling and an eye on versatility. Jacquard sweaters with vertical stripes – one of the designer's signature pattern - have softened volumes, the neck is wider and the shoulder slid, basted further down. The intention is to not only see, but also feel luxury and touch it. Merino wool is the preferred material, and its softness is palpable: "I imagined a hypothetical aristocratic salon. I fantasized about a winter evening in which a convivial atmosphere hangs among the guests, warmed by the fire lit in a fireplace and surrounded by carpets, wallpaper and beautiful draperies" Larenza says.

The love for interior décor is shown and interpreted through a contemporary wardrobe and decorative elements that become functional in fashion. The fringed ponchos - like native carpets - in the ranges of blue and Burgundy, turn into modern plaid jackets. Button-less oversize cardigans feel like colourful lounge jackets. Fringes are grafted on sweaters with classic three-dimensional braids. High waist corduroy pants in soft colours - cream, pastel pink or night blue - expand references to a voluptuous interior design colour scheme. A luscious peacock blue mohair coat takes central stage.

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