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News - The Villa Elisa Ceramics Workshop

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Ceramic is an art that has slowly entered the everyday life of Villa Elisa, the family villa near Caserta, in Campania, Italy and today for the Luca Larenza brand a new story has just begun.

What makes ceramic so magical?

The word ceramic comes from the Greek word κέραμος (keramos) used to describe potter's clay, tile or pottery.

Pottery is one of the most durable forms of art. It is impossibile not to think about all the fragments found from almost all time periods and civilizations throughout the world.

Compared to other artifacts created by hand with less durable materials, ceramic objects last much longer and therefore have the magic of helping to preserve the memory of the present. Even if you don't have the specific desire to leave a mark on this world at the moment of creating the object, seeing the object created in its final form is still a reminder of your accomplishments, ex pressing yourself in some way and increasing your optimistic outlook.

While spinning clay, your mind and body are in natural synergy. A lot of focus is required while you’re making pottery and so you are immersed in what psychologists call a flow state. This activity also open up your mind and relieve you of outside worries.

This is something very healty for your mind because being able to fully focus something will help you focus in other areas of life as well.

Last but not least, the human factor makes each piece unique. Even if you want to create pieces in series, there will always be differentiations on the shape, the glaze and the pattern. This is why every single piece is special.

The Ceramic Workshop

I was very lucky to be born into a family that has always had a great passion for art and craftsmanship and has passed it on to me since I was a child.

Furthermore, I was born and raised in Campania, famous for the colorful ceramics of Vietri sul Mare or Amalfi. And it is precisely in Campania, near Caserta, that Villa Elisa is located.

It is the family Villa where when I can I take refuge to rest or design new creations in peace.

The real creator of the Ceramic Workshop and deux ex machina is called Immacolata and she is my Aunt. She is an architect and in addition to having an impeccable aesthetic taste, she has always had great manual skills.

At the beginning in the Villa there was only a lathe and an oven used to create the ceramics for the villa as well as the small table for our Perfume Workshop, dishes and various objects to be used in the kitchen or in other rooms.

Today there is a real Workshop. It is a place of creativity where people come together to work and exchange ideas.

The objects born from our Workshop (for sale in our online Shop) are all handmade and they are all colorful and elegant at the same time.

In the Shop you will find Multicolored Chestnuts hand-painted large ceramic platter and ceramic vase, a refined candlestick holder, a set of four hand-painted ceramic tea mugs and a small selection of ceramic vases, pomegranates and jars.



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