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Luca Larenza founded his eponymous brand in 2011. Born in Caserta, studied Fashion Management and worked as a buyer for international retail companies. Strong of these side experiences in fashion, Larenza settled in Milan in 2009, after spending four years in Madrid and on a long hiatus exploring the passion for graffiti, travelling through Europe. In Milan, he has been developing his brand as an autodidact, highlighting a highly personal vision of menswear. Luca Larenza expresses a successful aesthetic, confirmed by various collaborations with international luxury brands.

The designer uses Italian yarns inspired by contemporary streetwear, developing a taste for colour and using it as the hallmark of his label, accompanying him to an open dialogue with other textile materials. Polo and t-shirts, bomber jackets, cardigans and sweaters every garment shows the designer love for colour schemes. A combination that balances innovation and tradition, appreciated by press and public, which got Luca Larenza to the finals of Who's on next? Man edition in 2011 as one of the most interesting emerging brands in Italy. 

As a globetrotter and experimentalist, Luca Larenza draws inspiration from his natural curiosity, nurtured by continuous travels, stirring the most diverse cultural influences in a balance with the best of

Made in Italy.